Manage campaigns and get detailed analytics.

The partnerHUB is Poken's online interface for creating and managing touch-marketing campaigns. It gives you flexibility to update remotely the content associated to tags and QR codes, and to enrich the memberHUB with additional information for attendees, even after the event.

Poken's Partner Tools are the leading Content Management System for deploying touch-marketing campaigns.

Create a fully branded event portal.
Create a unique user experience. Enable event attendees or campaign participants to use either a computer or a mobile phone to explore the information about the people and things they collect.

Have dedicated web pages for your marketing content.
Associate pokenTAGS and QR Codes to the content or the products you want to promote, and create a dedicated web page with rich information for each one of them. Poken's partner tools allow you to link your products and campaigns to over 60 social media tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker.

Reveal key metrics about your event.
Discover the number of interactions established in your campaign. Identify key opinion leaders, and generate valuable reports about the number of user who collected your media. Easily follow up with your new leads after qualifying them up-front.


  • Easily create and manage touch-marketing campaigns.
  • Access key analytic and reports.
  • Remotely update the content associated to poken's NFC+ tags (pokenTAGS) and QR codes.
  • Reach out to campaign participants, and maintain a dialog through a dedicated portal by enriching it with new information after the event.

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