Improve Your Effectiveness at Trade Shows 

What is your current ROI?
Most exhibitors find it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their trade show presence.

  • Visitors come and go, without being identified
  • Visitors skim the outside of the booth, but don't engage with your brand, your products, or your staff. They leave without really knowing what you do
  • Visitors pick up a paper leaflet, a flyer or a catalog – but you don't know who they are, or whether the information ends up in the trash a few isles away
  • You don't know if the information provided was sufficiently clear or engaging


Poken helps increase your effectiveness
We equip you to:

  • Draw visitors to your booth
  • Have visitors engage with your staff and your marketing materials
  • Increase the time they spend learning about your products and services
  • Follow up with them after the show, through an intuitive dashboard, and with metrics




Where do I begin?

Follow these three simple steps as you plan your trade show booth lead-generation strategy. Poken provides you tools to achieve what matters most, to you and your team: We want you to get measurable results


Welcome visitors to your booth and capture their identity

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Guide them through a journey of your products and services

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An email is sent, with the people & documents they collected

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