Mobile Apps

Poken provides an award-winning, full-featured, customizable Event Mobile App solution, so visitors can have access to all real time event information, leading to better engagement and a superior event experience.

Poken mobile apps bridge the gap between the physical and digital world’s by providing cutting edge devices as well as powerful software.  Mobile apps are the future of event engagement and Poken’s flexible mobile strategy fits your needs.

How We Do It:  Poken Mobile

Nowadays, participants expect access to all real time event information, from schedule to speaker biographies, maps, and more.  Poken builds award-winning event mobile apps that are the best way to create better engagement and a superior event experience for attendees, exhibitors and staff.
Our mobile app engine allows us to quickly meet the needs of even the most discerning attendees with native apps that work on both iPhone and Android, as well as HTML5 apps that run in-browser for Blackberry and Windows Phone.  Our apps give you the flexibility to provide any type of content you desire.

In addition to all the standard event app features, participants can view the people and things they collected, update their contact info, view schedules and maps, check-in or participate in fun interactive games.  Our full-featured apps also integrate your event social feeds, from Twitter, Facebook and more, providing a custom shared experience for everyone



  • Works on all smartphones
  • Works even without internet connection
  • Easy to access: Either download from iTunes or Play store.  Or simply go to if you are registered for the event, the app will activate on your phone
  • One-scan QR code access if you are on-site
  • Event managers update all content themselves, in real-time

Your Audience is Diverse, So is our Software

Poken mobile runs on pretty much any phone you can find; and trust us, you find plenty at any given event.  So relax and let your event attendees consume all the great content your event team has created in the Poken Event Manager.


Poken Pro for Event Managers

We have a special app for your event team to use to help run the event.  The Poken Pro app includes many of the features you find in our Event Manager desktop app, but it is designed for a mobile format so you can go out and interact with your attendees and exhibitors in real-time.

Use the Poken Pro app to inspect a poken or touchpoint using NFC (on specially equipped Android phones) or QR code.  Create and modify attendee and touchpoint information on the fly.  See game status, offload touchpoints, and share your information with attendees for purposes of lead generation.

Its the best way to manage your event while truly mobile.


Case Study:  Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow

The Boy Scouts National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) held in August, 2015 was the 100 year anniversary event and had 15,000 Scouts in attendance.  Each Scout received a Poken Spark device to use in playing a campus-wide game to earn points for networking, attendance and treasure hunting.

A custom Poken mobile app was developed, in partnership with Quickmobile, to provide up to the minute information on games status, points needed to earn patches, social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, etc and also access to maps, schedules and much more.

The Poken mobile app was critical for the success of this event and helped the Scouts generate over 7 million interactions in the span of this 4 day milestone event.



Which Poken app is the best fit for you?

Poken’s Native and html lite app empower participants with information in real-time, to create more engaging and better informed experiences.