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Allow visitors to collect product information digitally, "with a touch", so you can track who collected what, where and when. Capture their interests and purchase intent.


Both pokenTAGs and QR codes are used on each marketing document to be collected, so participants can choose how to collect. Try it now! Click on the image at left, and scan the QR code with your smartphone.




Meet & Greet

Keep track of who visited your booth, what information they gathered, and which of your sales people they met.

Register visitors by reading their badge or business card

Your sales staff takes notes and completes a questionnaire

Track & learn what brochures are picked up digitally by visitors



  • How it works on your booth

Scan a visitor to identify him & record his visit

Enrich you visitor database by adding a scan of his business card

Track what the visitor collects in your booth & send him a post-visit email

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The Exhibitor Dashboard is your marketing team's tool for post-event follow up:

  • Who visited your booth
  • Who did they meet on your booth
  • What did they collect
  • Manage post-event email follow-up including sending new versions of the documents they collected



Notes & Surveys

  • Equip your sales staff to take better notes about each visit, so you can get an overview of your staff's activity and effectiveness
  • Your marketing team defines what the survey is about, using our Partner Tools
  • Post-event, manage and export all the information collected by your staff


Contact us to learn more about our trade-show lead generation mobile app, and our Partner Tools.




Emailing & visitor follow-up

Send automatic visit recap emails that include the relevant marketing materials for each customer. Track their interest by measuring response rate.



lead visitors through a more effective overview of your products & services:

  • Visitors to your booth can be led through a visit, and have your sales representative collect information on their behalf
  • Upon leaving, the visitor instantly receives an email recap with all the content that was collected during the visit


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Post-event, view analytics on all the activity that happened at your booth

  • Registered visitors
  • Walk-in visitors
  • Sales staff activity
  • Rating of your hosted content



Coming Soon...

Stay tuned for more exciting exhibitor features coming soon. Write to us to tell us what you think is missing: Contact form




Make your booth stand out, and attract visitors using Poken's touch-marketing platform to:

Generate leads based on people's real interests
Receive the contact details of all attendees who collect information from each product at your stand.

Generate buzz around your booth
Create excitement about your products by using pokenTAGS to distribute rich marketing materials.

Measure people's interest about specific topics or products
Discover which product or information most attracts your target audience through Poken's Analytics Reports.

Get more brand exposure
Create a custom branded online interface and give visitors permanent access to the information they collected at your booth.

Add interactivity and fun to the event
Use Poken's Game Pack to create interactive competition on the show floor, and motivate participants to take specific actions in alignment with your event objectives.

Distribute all your marketing materials digitally
Eliminate costs associated with operational marketing (printing flyers, brochures, catalogs) and logistics (shipping heavy cartons of brochures to and from event venue, and drayage fees).

Some of our customers who used Poken exhibiting at tradeshows:


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